Our Story

The name “SCHAFER” has been synonymous with the word ‘SOLD” and “AUCTIONS” in Southeastern Ohio for 55 years. Here at Ed and Ben Schafer, Auctioneers, we take pride in our heritage, and continue to be leaders in the Auction business in Southeastern Ohio.

Beginning in 1964, with Ben’s grandfather Vincent Schafer, the SCHAFER name has always been the name to call when wanting to sell your real or personal property.

Back in the 1960’s while owning and operating Midtown Motors in both Cambridge and Barnesville, Vincent started attending auto auctions, it was there he found a passion that still lives on today. Vincent found a love, which was only second to his wife and children, and became an AUCTIONEER. Throughout the years, Vincent Schafer and the SCHAFER name, became the “GO TO” name, when it was time for individuals, families, or businesses to disperse of their real or personal property. For nearly thirty years Vincent conducted thousands of auctions and real estate transactions, while also instilling in his eldest Grandson, Ben, the passion and love for the real estate and auction business.

Vincent passed suddenly in July of 1994, at the young age of 69, just a month after Ben had graduated high school. Even though our FOUNDING FATHER and INSPIRATION passed, the SCHAFER legacy continued. Almost immediately after Vincent’s passing, Vincent’s youngest son, Ed Schafer (Ben’s Father) attended the Reppert School of Auctioneering, became a licensed auctioneer, and continued to carry the torch. In 1995, as a sophomore in college, Ben had decided his career path was to not only join the family business, but to lead it into the new millennium.

In 1996 at 20 years of age, Ben became a licensed real estate agent and also an apprentice auctioneer. He served his auctioneering apprenticeship under his father Ed, and soon after (once Ben become a full-fledged auctioneer a year later), ED and BEN SCHAFER, AUCTIONEERS was born.

While in the early days of Ed and Ben Schafer, Auctioneers, Ed and Ben were a father/son duo and quickly became well renowned throughout the area of one of the leading auction companies in the area selling all types of assets classes. In 2008 Ben opened Ben Schafer Realty. It was at that time Ed and Ben Schafer, Auctioneers became more than just a father/son duo – they now had other agents promoting the auction method of selling. It soon became apparent that Ed and Ben would need to expand and bring more auctioneers to the team to handle the demand for their services across the Southeastern Ohio region. Today Ed and Ben Schafer, Auctioneers boast 4 auctioneers and 2 apprentice auctioneers where they all work closely with the agents at Ben Schafer Realty. The auctioneers today are Ed and Ben Schafer, Dean Blackburn, Lance Miller, Wayne Cooper (apprentice) and Ryan Miller (apprentice).

Ed and Ben Schafer Auctioneers, LLC handle both live and online auctions selling across multiple asset classes. If you are in the market for an auction company that has a world wide reach, contact a team member of your choice today.